martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Today's Film: Speed Racer

After bashing all those movies that raped our childhood memories, I want to talk about one that, IMHO, had a very good approach.

Usually, when Hollywood adapts anything that's remotely childish, they try to make it more adult, more serious, darker, etc. They even want to translate the cartoon is "to the real world". So this movie was in serious danger of becoming Fast and Furious with a different name.

Problem, officer?
Luckily, the Wachowski brothers opted to leave it as it is: over the top, colourful, wacky and asian. They even kept the monkey! To me, this was a great choice.
Another great thing about it was the cast. It feels just right.

Speed is a little effeminate, just like the cartoon!

Yes, it may not be the best film ever made, it may even be so-so, but I celebrate the approach.

Rating: 6/10

15 comentarios:

  1. Ya it gets a little over done when they make it more kid oriented. I'm all for terminator 10 tho

  2. HEHE nice.
    Let's pray Cowboy Bebop isnt raped to a bloody mess. :D

  3. Could have been better. Friend said it was the best movie he has ever seen while on acid though.

  4. Yeah, the movie was decent. I don't know why movies like this bomb, while transformers makes millions of dollars.

  5. yeah.. thats a good movie to see.. i liked it

  6. i couldnt believe that this movie was made

  7. I might watch this if I was stuck in prison or on a plane or something. Never if by choice. Just looks too stupid.