lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Top 5 Movies that ruined your childhood memories

5) Transformers
This cartoon had a lot of animated movies and different encarnations, but never a live action movie. When this movie was announced, it seemed so right. The CGI were ready for the challenge of recreating Optimus Prime and his friends in 3D.

Why is he a Camaro? Why!?
The outcome: While some people may have liked it, this movie is nothing like the cartoon we all remember and love. They took too many liberties with the character designs.

4) Super Mario Bros
When I heard there was gonna be a Super Mario film, I almost shit bricks. Mario was a huge part of my childhood and the idea sounded great.

Seriously, WTF?
The outcome: They tried to make Super Mario "realistic", giving it a dark look and so. The characters came up just creepy. C'mon, guys, this is not Batman!

3) Street Fighter
Same case as above, I was super excited about this movie as a kid. Street Fighter was one of the best things that happened to my childhood.

The outcome: Same issue that Super Mario film had, but all the way around. This movie needed a darker, more realistic tone, instead of keeping the sillyness of the game (the fighters celebrating like when they win a fight in the game are just odd looking in real life), which is what the Mario movie needed.

This may be the only good thing.
And as a kid, I couldn't even  it.

2) The Last Airbender
No, I didn't watch this as a kid, but I gave it a chance when I was a teenager. It was a good cartoon, and I really liked it. The movie trailer looked cool, and I even felt that the name Avatar was taken from them.

The outcome: An akward movie. Bad acting, clumsy script. Hopefully it won't spawn a sequel.

1) Dragon Ball Evolution
Ok, I could write about this all day, but... if you ever saw Dragon Ball, just look at the picture below and try to name everything that's wrong.

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  1. I still havent seen transformers... yes, I'm lame

  2. Ew at that DBZ one, it looks.. Just wrong.

  3. I expected more out of the Transformers movie because of how everyone who had seen it hyped it up so much, but it was still decent and didn't rape my childhood.

    And as for Dragonball, I never saw this one, but DBZ itself killed Dragonball for me. The original series is SO much better.

  4. Oh no look what they did with Dragonball! This is a perfect list, in my opinion.

  5. Fffffantastic supermario! And street fighter too

  6. i have watched all and, all of them sucks

  7. Transformers sucks, just like Indiana Jones. I agree with the part on Super Mario. W T F.

  8. soory to dissapoint but the mario movie blows

  9. Imo the only thing i liked about dragonball evolution was bulma looking mildy ok. The rest were pretty trash (and wtf is that a goomba?)

  10. Very well put together post, i very much enjoyed it. :D

    Also as bad as Tranformers is it's still a good film franchise if you don't reflect on it's previous incarnation. ;)

  11. now i totally want to see them now :(

  12. Wow, Dragonball beat out Avatar AND street fighter?

  13. lol, saw dragonball on a plan. It literally raped my childhood infront of me. Fortunate enough to havent seen those other movies with the exception of transformers.

  14. Don't you dare mention Avatar............