lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

Trivia: Back to the Future

New section here! Let's begin with one of my all time favourites!

Have you ever noticed this? I really haven't, and I watched this film hundreds of times...

Did you know that the final scene of BTTF1 and the beginning of BTTF2 are NOT the same scene? It was re-shot. Here you got a comparison, you can notice the small differences. Even the actress playing Jennifer is different!

Bonus: This will surely crack you up if you're spanish speaker. Michael J. Fox is impersonating a chicano here, insulting in spanish. ("Eh, puto!!", meaning "Hey, fucker!!").

11 comentarios:

  1. I always hear stuff about people noticing new stuff in these movies. I've never really bothered to actually watch the movies though.

  2. omg the first one haha, i wonder if the director knew it was in there?

  3. I will never unsee that kid pointing to his dick.
    God damn it.

  4. haha seen these things before. Good stuff.

  5. interesting, I didn't know that...